Zotero and Box

This is a note to self (and possibly some others who might need this tip).

I have been using Zotero for my bibliography management for quite some time now. It has wonderful features, including a sync feature which lets you access your data from different machines and different OS. Unfortunately, the sync limit on zotero servers is 300 MB which fills up pretty soon; but the brighter side is, it allows you to sync much more data on a third party WebDav server, like box.com.

Here’s a quick list of steps on how I did this:

  • Create a folder zotero in your box.com root. I already have an account on box.com (those who don’t, can create one for free).
  • Go to Zotero > Preferences > Sync and choose “WebDav” in File Syncing; use the URL dav.box.com/dav, and your box.com credentials.
  • Choose syncing options as you like.

That’s it.

Acknowledgement: I took a look at this post before I got this to work.

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